“Writing the Fiction Synopsis: A Step-by-Step Approach” by Pam McCutcheon

Web site for book: http://www.gryphonbooksforwriters.com/home/wtfs.htm

Walk through the process of writing a synopsis of your book, from targeting your market, to adding tone, to tightening by choosing just the right words.   Learn how to write the synopsis to develop your book’s theme, determine what elements of plot and character should be included, choose which method to use to begin your synopsis, and format it properly. 

Using movies as examples, the author provides preliminary, plot development, character development, and story outline worksheets.  Learn how to complete the blank worksheets for your book, complete the checklist to ensure you have included the necessary elements in your synopsis, and study the long and short sample synopses provided for each movie discussed.

 What a synopsis is and why editors want one
 What to put in your synopsis, what to leave out and why
 How to include plot and character development, including resolution, in your synopsis
 Learn the key to a good synopsis
 Fill out the worksheets to write a synopsis of your book

Table of Contents
 Chapter One
Getting Started
 Chapter Two
Knowing Your Characters
 Chapter Three
Understanding Your Plot
 Chapter Four
Filling in the Gaps
 Chapter Five
Writing the First Draft
 Chapter Six
Pulling it All Together
 Appendix A
Blank Worksheets
 Appendix B
Sample Synopses (Long)
 Appendix C
Sample Synopses (Short)

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