“Writing Television Sitcoms” by Evan S. Smith

With guidance from top sitcom producers and examples straight from the screen, this book can help anyone write, revise–and sell–a script.

With twenty years in the business–as a writer, programming executive, and university instructor–Evan Smith knows what it takes to get from spec script to sitcom success. Here he offers the first published description of Premise-Driven Comedy, the writing method he has developed and popularized; tips from writer-producers who have worked on series from “Frasier” to “The Cosby Show” to “Roseanne;” a complete story outline from the series “Home Improvement;” explicit advice on how the business works and how to get an agent; and script layout guidelines for all three sitcom formats.

Clear, comprehensive, and cutting-edge, this is the true insider’s guide to becoming a sitcom writer. Who knows–it might just be the book that inspires the world’s next Seinfeld!

  • Includes examples from classic and contemporary sitcoms, tips from successful writer-producers, and a complete “Home Improvement” story outline
  • An author with twenty years of experience in the business
  • Advice on both the business and creative aspects of a sitcom-writing career, including a discussion of Premise-Driven Comedy, Smith’s innovative new writing technique

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