“Self-Publish Today!” by Cindy Tyler

Choosing a publisher is about more than just price. It’s about finding someone to become a part of your team who takes the time to understand your needs and your vision and who stands beside you to ensure a positive experience. Cindy Tyler has harnessed her experience from more than 30 years in the printing business to create Vervante. Through her business and this book, she achieves her mission to support writers and their unique publishing needs.

Consistently ahead of the curve, Cindy established Vervante to offer self-publishing options before anyone else. She is passionate about putting authors in the driver’s seat, helping them get the book they want – on their terms and without the icky chaos and confusion first-time self-publishers often experience.

This book is written for the first-timers (and even second- or third-timers) who still find themselves dissatisfied with the process. Herein lies your no-B.S. guide to navigating the self-publishing process effectively, leveraging valuable insider tips from someone who has helped thousands of authors, business owners and information marketers through publishing and distribution services for their books, CDs and DVDs, information products, and training and coaching materials.

This is the only self-publishing handbook that dares to get rid of all the fluff and get right down to the good stuff – step-by-step guidelines and insider tips. Cindy’s goal of creating a guide that inspires, motivates and leads authors to that glorious moment of becoming published is realized in this book.

Read, publish, repeat. It’s that easy.

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