“How to Start a Magazine and Publish It Profitably” by James Kobak

The one-time owner of Kirkus Reviews, James B. Kobak, imparts magazine-industry wisdom in How to Start a Magazine. Moving from the conceptual to the practical, Kobak approaches his lesson in five parts: trends and statistics about the business; steps in starting a new magazine (mission statements, business plans, pilot issues, testing through single-copy sales, etc.); the major operations involved in publishing a magazine (i.e., editorial, production, marketing, circulation); magazine as brand (“It earns the loyalty, friendship and confidence of its readers as it speaks to them one-on-one about a subject they are very interested in”; “It establishes a market-place between its readers and advertisers”; etc.); and industry facts and information sources. Discussing case studies and stats of publilcations from Martha Stewart Living to the Harvard Business Review in a friendly, down-to-earth style, Kobak renders the jargon, concepts and numbers accessible.

Included in this book are explanations of all the steps needed in planning, testing and executing the startup of a successful magazine, giving the reasons for and examples for each step.

A timely and extremely informative book, How to Start a Magazine explains all the steps needed in planning, testing, and executing the startup of a successful magazine. But more than this, the book acts as a resource for understanding how profitable magazine publishing is carried out, as well as the current situation of the magazine field. Author James Kobak, an advisor to magazines since 1946, takes you through the perils and profits of magazine publishing with ease and a no-nonsense style.

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