“Goal, Motivation & Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction” by Debra Dixon

Web site for book: http://www.gryphonbooksforwriters.com/home/gmc.htm

Goal, motivation, and conflict are the foundation of everything that happens in the story world.  Using charts, examples, and movies, the author breaks these key elements down into understandable components and walks the reader through the process of laying this foundation in his or her own work.

Learn what causes sagging middles and how to fix them, which goals are important and which aren’t and why, how to get your characters to do what they need for your plot in a believable manner, and how to use conflict to create a good story.   GMC can be used not only in plotting, but in character development, sharpening scenes, pitching ideas to an editor, and evaluating whether an idea will work.

 Be confident your idea will work before you write 200 pages 
 Plan a road map to keep your story on track 
 Discover why your scenes aren’t working and what to do about it 
 Create characters that editors and readers will care about 
 Write a dynamite query letter to an editor 

Table of Contents
If Writing Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Writing
 Chapter One
Who, What, Why, and Why Not
 Chapter Two
Goal:  What Your Character Wants
 Chapter Three
Motivation:  “The Why”
 Chapter Four
Conflict:  Caution!  Roadblock Ahead!
 Chapter Five
Conflict Mascots
 Chapter Six
A Closer Look at the GMC Chart
 Chapter Seven
Big Black Moments Need GMC
 Chapter Eight
Go Ahead, Make a Scene
 Chapter Nine
GMC Brainstorming
 Chapter Ten
Twenty-Five Words or Less
 Chapter Eleven
This and That
 Appendix A
Recommended Reading and Reference
 Appendix B
GMC Charts

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