Ozarks Romance Authors, established in 1987

Thanks to our founding mother, Weta Nichols, along with numerous other founding members, for today’s Ozarks Romance Authors group. ORA is proud to say that a number of its original members are still active in the group.

ORA’s membership is open to all genres. We not only have romance authors, but our members include writers from all genres — mystery, mainstream, Christian romance, inspirational, YA, paranormal, sci-fi, memoirs, non-fiction and many more.

Our members work hard to support each other and are proud to do so. Our writers’ loop helps us keep in touch with the group daily with publishing news, personal news, writing tips, and by simply building our friendship throughout the years.

We present a new speaker at each monthly meeting to help us learn and hone our skills. We also offer a critique group for a friendly, nurturing environment to receive feedback on your work.

ORAcon is our educational yearly conference, where we have wonderful workshops and speakers from all over the country, as well as an opportunity to pitch your manuscript to agents and editors.

ORA also holds the annual Weta Nichols Writing Contest and the winners are announced at the conference.

Ozarks Romance Authors would like to invite you to join the fun, and we do have fun. If you’ve always wanted to write but never thought you could and/or just haven’t tried, now’s the time. We encourage you to follow that dream.

Feel free to contact us at OzarksRomanceAuthors@gmail.com for more details, or join us at The Library Station (Frisco Room) in Springfield, MO, the first Saturday of each month.

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