Romancing the Ozarks: A Treasury of Short Stories by Authors from the Ozarks”

Romancing the Ozarks: A Treasury of Short Stories by Authors from the Ozarks

This 235-page anthology was published by Starship Press in 2009, and features members of Ozarks Romance Authors, a registered non-profit group for writers in the southwest Missouri region.

The group began in 1987, focused on romance fiction, but through the years has evolved to become, essentially, a multi-genre group, with members working on – and published in – many genres of fiction, as well as non-fiction, poetry, essays, journalism, and photography.

Authors featured in this anthology include:

    Jean Rosenow
    Kathy Mullens
    Deborah Schaulis
    Betty Inman Shortt
    Diana Locke
    Jennifer Litteken
    Maurine Howell
    Harriett Ford
    Pat Elliott
    Don Waterman
    Kaye Calkins
    Barbara Huddleston
    H.G. Stratmann
    Maryellen Stratmann
    Karri Lynn Halley
    Sandra Allmon
    Ruth Hunter
    Georganna Myers


Special thanks are extended to the authors who contributed to this collection of short fiction stories. All of them are residents of the Ozarks, an area of the United States which includes much of the southern half of Missouri as well as a large part of northern Arkansas. This regional not only abounds in beautiful geography, but is also rich with its unique cultural inheritance.

Great appreciation is also extended to Ruth Hunter for interior text design; Kathy Mullens for cover art; and Deborah Schaulis, Diana Locke, Jean Rosenow, Barbara Huddleston, Kaye Calkins, and Harriett Ford for editorial assistance. Virginia Pohlenz, Maryellen Stratmann, and a host of many others added their encouragement and support to this project, which fills a niche in literary anthologies.

To all those named and unnamed, a heartfelt thank you.

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